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Hey, I’m Chadae. I’m that shy introvert who’s super goofy and crazy once you get to know them. I enjoy spending an excessive amount of money on food. My hobbies include dancing, community outreach and the obvious, music. I am a mixture of Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion and The Weeknd. RomComs make me smile but horror movies make me laugh. As a North Carolina born and raised chick, I have always wanted to be on the radio and happy that I’m living the dream. 5-year-old me is proud. I like to remind people to do something for yourself today. We often spend a lot of time giving ourselves to others but what about self-care?



Time to Expand Your Family and Spread the Love with a Fur Baby!!!

I had the honor of going to the Colonial Capital Humane Society in New Bern. In this spot located on Old Airport Rd, I was able to meet up with one of the board members Diane Cappo and get the inside scoop on the shelter as well as what is to come in the VERY…


Hot Celebrates Veteran’s Day

  So, Chadae decided to steal the Hot van to go out to Union Point Park along with the community to show support to the March 22.  Several people marched 22 miles with 22 lbs of weight on their back to bring awareness to the 22 Veterans that commit suicide daily. Thanks to  Aiden Abel, Viamark Advertising,…


Chadae’s Hot Hobbies: Pet Portrait Palooza @ Greenville MoA

I decided to hit the streets and find Hot hobbies that you and the family may enjoy. Greenville Museum of Art (GMoA) and the Humane Society partnered up for an event this week called the Pet Portrait Palooza. This event happened due to the pandemic. How it works is you can send in a donation…