Chadae’s Hot Hobbies: Pet Portrait Palooza @ Greenville MoA

Chadae’s Hot Hobbies: Pet Portrait Palooza @ Greenville MoA

I decided to hit the streets and find Hot hobbies that you and the family may enjoy. Greenville Museum of Art (GMoA) and the Humane Society partnered up for an event this week called the Pet Portrait Palooza. This event happened due to the pandemic. How it works is you can send in a donation and picture of your pet, and the GMoA will get local volunteers (who aren’t professional artists btw) to draw a portrait of your pet! After hearing about this, I wanted to go see for myself.


As I was viewing these lovely drawings, one artist walked in to turn in her portraits. I was told she is an artist who tends to have her art in the museum from time to time as well as help out.


You can get a drawing of your pet now by submitting a picture of your pet until November 6th at 5:30p. Also there’s no pet discrimination! Whether iguana, turtle or rabbit, all pet photos are welcomed!¬†Once I was able to get some information on this week long event to raise money, I wandered off into one of the exhibitions the GMoA was holding as well.

Once inside, the setting of the entire room felt I had reached the other side stepping into a time machine. This exhibition entitled ‘Hanging Tree Guitars’, featured phenomenal work by a man who goes by the name, Freeman Vines. While I won’t tell you too much about it because you have to see for yourself, it is an exhibition that was thorough in consistency and thought provoking with the story behind the guitars.

Overall, the Greenville Museum of Art captured very well the stories of the people as it is shown in every room. They also do a great job at coming up with innovative was to get involved with the community and give back. Some of their proceeds from the Pet Portraits will go to the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. Here’s a couple more of my favorites.. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m smiling. Happy Social Distancing!